Get rid of endless scanning jobs thanks to automation

Take advantage of fully-automated server-based document capture and PDF conversion solution. GScan Service provides OCR processing and transformation of documents without user interaction. This hands-off solution eliminates human effort in your document capture jobs, and leaves your workforce free to focus on more important tasks.

Fully-automated server-based document capture

Benefit from all the document capture capabilities of the feature-rich GScan application. GScan Service independently handles even large batches of physical paper as well as electronic documents. These are autonomously scanned, indexed, OCR processed and delivered into intended file systems, SharePoint and ECM systems.

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Unlimited options for automated work routines

Files can be acquired from practically any source. Scanners, Multifunctional Devices, Printers, file systems, ECM, email, and Microsoft SharePoint libraries are no problem. Processing of files is completely automated – including image preprocessing, metadata auto-indexing, OCR recognition and extraction of information from structured or semi-structured documents. The resulting full-text searchable documents, suitable for long-term digital archiving, are delivered into intended network folders, SharePoint libraries, ECM systems, or other LOB systems and storage.

Document archive migration

Large archives are effortlessly transformed from one system to another, quality of images is improved, size is compressed up to 100x, data is automatically indexed and full-text searchable documents are exported and stored.

Automatic contract preparation

Information form ID cards or passports is extracted; new contract containing captured information is automatically generated.

Everyday document processing

Physical paper documents captured through Multifunctional Printers are automatically processed, indexed, and full-text searchable documents are exported and stored.

Automatic email processing

GScan Service monitors the inbox and automatically extracts emails and attachments (for example invoices or orders), these are processed and stored.

Any document, in any language

Whether you need to process structured forms such as medical claims or semi-structured documents like invoices and purchase orders, and even ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses. GScan Service easily handles wide range of input formats including DOCX, XLSX, PPT, JPG, TIF or PDF files. All completely by itself. Thanks to automatic indexing and full-text recognition in 180+ languages, all important information is extracted and converted into compressed searchable formats. Depending on your needs GScan Service can export as PDF or PDF/A files, XML data, editable Microsoft Word and Excel® documents, and plain text files.

Improved Image Quality and Readability

Low light and low quality scans with background noise will be turned into crisp and legible images, by the use of IQ2 imaging – automatic document orientation, deskew, cropping, color detection, digital color-filtering, despeckle, cleaning up text background, and black & white conversion with adaptive thresholding. Resulting images have high-quality and are up-to 100 times smaller than the original document. This makes GScan Service ideal, for example if you need to transport your digital archive into SharePoint libraries as PDF files with full-text layer for easy search and retrieval.

Document Recognition & Separation

GScan Service is able to efficiently sort large batches of mixed document types into the correct library by automatically utilizing 1D & 2D barcode recognition, automatic document separation and classification, indexing, automatic recognition and much more. The sorting process is fully automated. With high level workflow customization GScan Service supports flexible exports not only to your File Systems, ECM, LOB (CRM, ERP), but also to SharePoint Office 365 with Document Sets and Folders.

Designed for high volumes with built-in monitoring

Thanks to multi-thread processing GScan Service can handle high volumes of documents. The service also has a built-in recovery feature after unexpected processing interruption. You can also monitor the current processing, resolve any errors and check the processing history of each document with the GScan Service Monitor application. If needed take a deeper look to the single steps of processing of each document by displaying the processing history.

GScan Service and GScan the unbeatable productivity duo

With GScan Service you can seamlessly share the same configurations between the desktop versions of the GScan application and GScan Service. This allows you to, for example, quickly and easily begin moving your archives from the file servers - GScan Service will enhance document quality, extract data, enrich files with related source metadata, and export them to designated destinations or systems. Use GScan Service for all routine capturing jobs and leave those that require user interaction to GScan, and watch productivity take off.

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