Robust Document Capture

A simple, yet powerful and feature-rich scanning application that scales up from just a few documents to high-volume document batches. It allows you to scan and process both physical paper and digital electronic documents. GScan supports your document input lifecycle through scanning, 1D & 2D barcode recognition, automatic document separation and classification, indexing, automatic recognition and much more.

Robust Document Capture

Broad Scanning Capabilities

Got TWAIN or ISIS Drivers? Great, then you’ve got more than just options, you have a whole range of all-in-one MFPs, fax, scanners, and email attachments to work with. Not to mention a watch folder that will feed your batches of work to your assigned jobs.

IQ2 Technology

Automation made easy. Automated features in, document orientation, deskew, cropping, color detection, digital color-filtering, despeckle, cleaning up text background, and black & white conversion with adaptive thresholding. Retain high quality images and reduced files sizes up to 100x the original – make your document retrieval rapid and readable.

Manual typing is a thing of the past.

With support of automatic recognition of structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, the GScan Designer enables you to design a template that will indicate where automatic extractions of information will be located, while you sit back, and relax. If you need a more hands-on approach, then we’ve got you covered, with zonal click-to-indexTM OCR, also.

Automated Form Recognition

With the GScan Form Designer effortlessly create templates to many static form documents, whether they be claim forms, banking payment orders, or transfer of funds. Handwritten recognition is also detected along with being able to setup individual digital color filtering features to maximize the success of recognition.

Semi-structured & Unstructured Documents

Have documents that are never quite the same? Dynamic documents such as purchase orders and invoices, need a bit more intuitive logic. GScan offers a comprehensive tool for defining complex fields of recognition that will search, locate, and recognize the desired information needed.

ID Capture

Because Mueller is not Muller, in any language. With a modern recognition module for ID cards, passports, driver’s license, and more, you’ll be sure to not only have the correct identity labelled, but also the photo, whether in or out of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).

Automatic Validation

Evaluate inscribed or value recognized information and have the system verify whether the value is valid or not. Say bye-bye to non-existent dates, ID numbers, banking and credit card information, and more. GScan intelligently verifies with external sources as a database lookup to always make the perfect match.

Inbox Integration

Start processing documents the moment they arrive in your inbox. MS Exchange Connector for GScan monitors different mailboxes and automatically extracts emails and email attachments for processing. Create automated workflow with practically unlimited configuration options - based on keywords in subject, body mail, sender or recipient. Exchange Connector easily handles .zip files and even the email body can be stored in HTML for further processing.

Automatic field population

Simplify processing of invoices and orders by automatically populating fields with relevant data directly from the business system. Based on the entered value, such as order ID or VAT number, DB lookup will automatically populate additional indexer fields with related information such as Customer name, order ID, bank account number etc. To simplify things further, the initial value can be manually entered by user or automatically recognized. DB lookup loads data via SQL, OLE DB or ODBC connection to the data source and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.

Sharing is Caring

With high level customization and configuration capabilities, GScan adapts to any of your business needs. Flexible exports not only to your File Systems, ECM, LOB (CRM, ERP), but also be able to share broadly with all your peers via SharePoint Office 365 environments. Export metadata and images to your SharePoint Library, support Document Sets and Folders, and automatic document recognition of documents that will be stored in SharePoint as Fulltext searchable PDFs.

Multilingual Environments

Work on demand. GScan is readily available in 10 languages and supports over 180 in OCR and can be diversely used within the office for individual users.

Flexible. Go with Gradient.